About Prespi

Prespi PipeMaster Precision Cutter is a versatile plumbing tool designed for precision and ease. With the ability to cut PVC pipes and tubes up to 42mm in diameter, this cutter ensures efficient and accurate results. The special design of the cutter blade, coupled with the ratchet handle, allows for easy operation and precise cuts. Constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum body, the Prespi PipeMaster Cutter is both durable and lightweight, making it convenient to carry to various job sites. The cutter features a locking mechanism in the closed position for enhanced safety during use.


Cutting Capability: Can cut PVC pipes and tubes up to 42mm in diameter

Cutting Range: 3-42mm

Design and Material: Special design cutter blade and ratchet handle

Total Length: Approx. 23cm/ 9″

Dimesnion Depth : 1 x 42mm PVC Pipe Cutter

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