Delegate fulfillment services

Boost Your Sales

We take pride in assisting numerous eCommerce brands in rapidly scaling their businesses. Committed to your success and customer happiness, entrusting us with your order fulfillment will reclaim valuable time for building your brand.

Our software

Streamline your operations

Access real-time inventory reporting through ControlPort, our cloud-based fulfillment platform, and effortlessly manage multiple shopping channels, couriers, and orders while staying informed with valuable insights.

Our Story

Here to drive transformation.

Efficiently connecting the world, Fairytales 3PL navigates logistics complexities with precision. From warehousing to transportation, we streamline your supply chain, empowering your business to thrive. Embrace seamless operations and unparalleled service with Fairytales 3PL. Success delivered, every step of the way.

our strategy

Main Strategies

Fulfillment Automation

How it Works


Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.


Flexible Inventory Storage: Store Your Products Across Multiple Fulfillment Centers


The moment an order is placed, we swiftly ship it from our closest fulfillment center.

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