About Hartmus

Meet the Cup Hanger Hartmus, a versatile addition to your kitchen. This product is perfect for hanging coffee cups, cooking utensils, dishcloths, gloves, and pots/pans, serving as a kitchen hook with excellent load-bearing capacity. The Cup Hanger Hartmus is made of heavy-duty iron material, ensuring strong load-bearing, anti-rust properties, and resistance to bending. It features advanced paint spraying in a sleek black color, making it eco-friendly, healthy, and easy to clean. Its simple and elegant design not only serves a practical purpose but also contributes to your home decor, making it great for daily use and home decoration.


Product Type: Hook

Material: Metal

BPA Free: Yes

Features: Chromed Plating

Number of Hooks: 12

Rust Resistant: Yes

Water Resistant: Yes

Finish (White Finish): Whit

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