About DriveGrip

Introducing the Car Phone Holder – DriveGrip, a revolutionary product designed to enhance your driving experience. The DriveGrip is engineered to directly and firmly lock onto the corners of your screen, ensuring a stable hold without causing any harm to your device. Equipped with a robust nano sticker, the DriveGrip base can be firmly fixed onto your screen, providing a secure and safe mount for your phone. The DriveGrip features a swing arm that can be easily rotated, allowing you to adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for your convenience. With the DriveGrip, you have the flexibility to mount it on both sides of your car touchscreen, offering more options to suit your preference. Experience the ease and convenience of the Car Phone Holder – DriveGrip. Drive smart, drive safe.


Redefinition Car Mount: Locks screen corners firmly.

Stable & Safe Design: Uses nano sticker for stability.

360 Degrees Rotatable: Adjustable swing arm.

More Mounting Options: Mountable on both touchscreen sides.

No Worries: Silicone gel for screen protection.

Wide Compatibility: 17mm universal standard ball head.

How To Installation: Install in screen’s upper corner.

Package includes: 1 Mobile phone holder base.

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