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In a realm where science intertwines with technological marvels, our company has long embraced a visionary policy: “Unleashing the power of scientific innovation to conquer new markets.” From the very beginning, we set our sights on pioneering the world of silicone materials, forging a path of discovery and ingenuity. Behold our grand research and development center, an expansive sanctuary spanning 4,000 square meters, where 40 laboratories hum with electrifying energy. Collaborations with esteemed universities and national laboratories fuel our quest for excellence. Within our ranks reside the brightest minds, a symphony of seasoned researchers, consultants, and technical virtuosos. Masters of their craft, they hold doctorates and master’s degrees, amassed from both near and far.

Together, we embark on a daring odyssey, tirelessly unraveling the secrets of high-end organic silicone materials. Innovation is our compass, and the world awaits the marvels we shall unveil.

About us

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Huizhou City, emerged a realm of innovation in Silicone The business founded in the year 2012, this grand establishment blossomed into a majestic hub of organic silicone materials. Nestled within the mystical Zhongkai High-tech Zone, it stretched its roots across a sprawling 28,000 square meters of enchanted ground. Under the banner of “SYNTH4” the realm conjured an extraordinary fusion of silicone wonders – silicone rubber, silicone oil, and silicone resin – seamlessly weaving together research, production, and sales. Guided by a visionary quest, our development strategy bloomed forth: rooted in the bountiful lands of Guangdong while embracing a global perspective. With unparalleled dedication, we forged an exquisite network, spanning far and wide, touching the hearts of customers both near and far. Our promise was simple: to bestow upon the world the finest quality, unwavering efficiency, and unparalleled customer service. As whispers of our triumphs spread through the air, our products found their place in the realms of electronics, telecommunications, paper, automotive, medical marvels, textile tapestries, machinery marvels, and fortresses of building materials. Even the realms of aerospace and defense marveled at our exceptional quality and performance. From the depths of our homeland to the distant shores of Japan, Canada, South Korea, India, Belgium, and beyond, our name echoed with praise and reverence. The tale of our Silicone Technology had just begun, with chapters yet to be written, as we continued our journey towards eternal innovation and wondrous discoveries.

Organisational Culture

At our core, we are driven by a relentless focus on research and development, continually striving to pioneer new frontiers in silicone materials and processes. Our unwavering commitment to serving our customers fuels a culture of innovation that propels us towards our vision of becoming the industry leader in new silicone materials.

Customer-centricity lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We keenly observe the evolving landscape of our customers’ needs, continuously innovating to deliver high-quality silicone product solutions and services that consistently provide exceptional value. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and driving force, as we diligently listen to their needs and actively seek to address their challenges.

We approach our customers’ problems as our own, forging partnerships to deliver optimal products and tailored solutions. Our success as a business hinges upon our ability to authentically connect with people. We espouse the principles of integrity, fairness, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness, treating ourselves, others, objective laws, and our company’s system with utmost respect. By nurturing self-love and self-reliance, we lay the foundation for genuine success.

Innovation permeates every facet of our organization, serving as both a stellar work methodology and a guiding life principle. We foster individual creativity through diverse approaches, methods, and content. By continuously enhancing our innovation mechanisms, we pave the way for comprehensive technological, managerial, and business model innovation. This relentless pursuit of progress fuels the growth and prosperity of our company.

With an unwavering commitment to research, development, and customer-centric innovation, we stride forward, propelled by the indomitable spirit of progress. Together with our customers, we transcend boundaries, crafting a future where the possibilities of silicone materials are limitless.

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