About BrainyBits

The Learning Cards BrainyBits set features a portable school desk with a magnetic blackboard on the outside, two built-in utensil cups, and a stand for the learning cards. When you open it up, you’ll find a magnetic whiteboard, two lidded storage spaces, and plenty of supplies including chalk, magnetic letters and numbers, magnetic tangram shapes, sight word cards, math cards, and more. The set even includes a pointer for guiding friends and siblings through each lesson and a bell for announcing the start of each day! With the Learning Cards BrainyBits set, learning truly becomes play.


Learning Cards BrainyBits: Set of learning cards and supplies stored in a travel-friendly school desk

Encourages language learning, math learning, spatial reasoning, memory skills, imaginative play, role play

Plenty of storage space for all the supplies

Features a magnetic blackboard on the outside, magnetic whiteboard on the inside

Desk snaps shut and features a sturdy carrying handle

Includes school desk storage case, 48 magnetic letters, 24 magnetic numbers, chalk, eraser, pointer, bell, magnetic tangrams, 4 laminated tangram cards, 30 sight words cards, 4 math cards, 8 spelling cards, world map, calendar, alphabet card, clock card for teaching time, dry erase marker

High-quality materials ensure an exceptional play-and-learn experience

Suitable for ages 3 and up

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